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summer model

Sooo I'm reading Brave New World
And it is just so strange and scary
Because I can completely see this happening
Not all that far from our time period
And this guy so correctly predicted
Human nature, and he wrote this what?
Over 100 years ago! And I guess that
Isn't too long if you think about the entire
History of the human race but It's long if you think 
In terms of the progression of the human race
Because we are definitely not progressing
In linear terms here, we are a damn parabola! 
Or at least something of the sort.
But what if our babies DO come out of factories
And our children will not know the words
Mother or Father or Family or Home
And what if they are to be brainwashed 
While still asleep to the atrocities
Of the hive mind and how ONE does not matter
It is society that really matters
And if society lives on then the human race also lives on
That is what really matter, not one individual