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summer model

Oh yeah. I found my shoes and I actually picked them up today.
I'm so excited! Found them at a thrift store and I picked them up at lunch.
And the dress I saw yesterday at the store when I put the shoes on hold
Was the reason I got Chloe to come along with me
Because it was brand new from JC Penny and amazingly cute
But I already had a dress and Chloe didn't
And she bought it! I'm so happy... because I can borrow it sometime.
Can't wait for winter formal (and the sleepover with Miranda and Chloe before)
Haha... Chloe's mom has been trying to get this sleepover together
Just so that she can rent House bunny.
My calves hurt so bad but it was better than last wednesday.
I officially hate hills, running OR walking up them.