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summer model

It's only 9 o'clock and I feel like death.
No kidding. My throat hurts.
It feels like sandpaper is rubbing against it.
My nose is running so bad.
But no. I still won't stay home.
"So. I heard you had fun at the dance."
UM HELL YEAH. Thanks but uh
Don't you girls have something better
To talk about?
My shadow was super sweet today :)
Trying not to think about finals.
I can ace them, I know it.
But pre-calculus... not too sure.
Haha, I loved question of the day
In modern world history.
Today's question was
"Who is the most selfish person you know?
Don't mention names, just describe."
I never get called on to share
but this time I did. Of course.
I went off on a tangent about how
I don't believe anyone is truly selfish
And that you have to get to know someone
And when you do, friendship will
Probably develope if you know them well enough.
Friendship can break the bonds that
Selfishness builds!
So now I am to class moral compass. haha.
It was pretty funny.
Chloe was trying to prove she was selfish.
We're from Sunnyside so the only thing
She could do or think of
Was littering. She threw her gum on the ground.