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If Your Outside Is So Beautiful

What Does Your Inside Look Like?

Octavia Cora Draper {{O.C.D.}}
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"Maybe I'll see you again baby, and maybe I won't"

Sometimes I talk in song lyrics, sometimes i burst out singing broadway musical songs that are stuck in my head (today its "Shy" from "Once Upon A Mattress"). I like to act, and I like performing, things like that. Tegan and Sara make me really happy, as do Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, Placebo, and lots of other bands depending on my mood. I love getting new music so if you make me a mix (that's good) I'll be very excited. And I will probably make you a mix too.

I love being loud and being the center of attention like most people do. I like getting compliments. Sometimes I get shy, somtimes I'm insecure (aren't we all?) and if you have something you want to talk about you can talk to me. Can't tell you what I'll say. I'll try to help, I'll do my best. I don't think I'm exactly normal. "She's 5' 7" of crazy" I guess that describes me pretty well. And whenever I see a plain wall I want to paint a mural on it. :)

I fall in love kinda easy, but it takes a while for REAL love. I like trusting people. I have friends I like to spend time with. I like going to peoples' houses. My friends tend to be crazy. Everything except for Horton in Horton Hears a Who is fuzzy and makes me want to pet the screen.

I'm afraid of breaking the rules by accident.

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